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Kids Zone

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” -Kay Redfield Jamison
Our children learn to grow together and build relationship through their play
Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

Children at our centre tends to form a strong bond with each other as they loves to engage play with the others around them. Educator strongly emphasize on children's postiive behaviour during play time too. 

Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

Children loves art and crafts. They love to do painting, create crafts and also drawing. We encourage children to bring out their inner artistic skills and creativity throghout the day.

Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

We also provide various gross motor activities that would help enchance children's movement, eye hand coordination, and also balancing. Children also learn to take turns as well.

We value all children's interest and ideas for play
Splash Splash Splash fun with water
Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

Water play is one of the children's all time favourite acitvity as they love to pour and splash water around. During water play time, children learn to take turns and share the equipment with each and other.

Imaginative Play
Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

Pretending is a natural activity of childhood. By pretending, children build their social and emotional development, and learn vital life skills, all while having fun.

Cooking - A magical and rich experience for kids
Nola-Dee Child Care Centre

Cooking activities appeal to all the child's senses--- sight, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling. Experimenting in the kitchen can be one of a child’s greatest joy. We have regular cooking experiences with the children at the Nola Dee Child Care Centre.

News & Events
  • Jitterbugs & SportzBuzz Programs.
    Jitterbugs Program enables children to develop their creative abilities, learn to dance to music and experience movements using different tools and imaginations once a week.

    SportzBuzz Program motivates kids to be active, healthy, fit and focused! And it happens on every week!!
    We invite you to come and join the FUN & BE PHYSICAL!